Design Project / Round n Round / 同時 [ 동시 ]_2010

●同時 [ 동시 ] / At The Same Time

Simultaneity : at the same time , at once , simultaneously , (f) concurrently concurrently / scope / another position / intersection [Simultaneously is the property of two events happening at the same time in at least one frame of reference.]

There is a 'scope' for a particular kind of behaviour or activity,
people have the opportunity to behave in this way or do that activity
1. opportunity, chance
2. range, limit, scales, bounds
2. equipment that is used to observe

We live every second, every day in our lives, in a certain space and moment. Even if we are in the same place but at the same time we don't see or think alike. You and me, we stand on the same place but at the same time we don't stand at the same space, we see the same things but they do not pass through or across the same back to each other. But we have the points that overlaps, we realize the intersect parts inside all of us.

*the mutual exchange of opinions / one-to-one exchange
We look and seek different places at the same time and exchange our films. By double exposure, the original images are combined into unclear abstracts.

Exhibition : 11.01-11.30 / 11:00AM-10:00PM /

design, photograph, editorial, display

with_ha jeong hwa